3 Essential Features of Transportation CRM

Transportation CRM

Transportation and logistics firms are not immune to the latest changes on the market. The customer-centric trends and need for finding efficient and cost effective ways for doing things have shaped the transportation and logistics industry landscape.

Many of these firms are starting to use a transportation CRM solution to improve their day to day operations. This is why we have decided to see what the essential features of this software are that made it so popular among these firms.

Management of Routes and Logistics

Delivering or coming to pick up goods from clients on time is one of the most important factors to determine client satisfaction. With an increasing number of customers and unpredictable traffic, this task becomes very challenging.

This is why transportation CRM comes with routes management functionality that will enable you to create the most optimal route for your drivers and significantly reduce the time of arrival.

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Management of Customer Orders and Requests

Every working day in the transportation and logistics line of business generates copious amounts of data that is very hard to track. Thanks to transportation CRM, you will be able to watch the data being generated in real time on one screen.

You will be able to see transportation rates, check transport request fulfilments, manage customer requests and orders,  and keep your drivers updated with the latest changes in just a few clicks.

Automation of Services

The transportation process has several stages which consist of many highly specific actions. The majority of the tasks for hires in logistics and transportation are repetitive, boring and time consuming.

With a transportation CRM, you will be able to plan your specific logistic chains, but also automate the majority of these tasks, thus leaving your employees with more time for pressing matters.

By streaming data in real time, transportation CRM will help you make the right decisions, improve the productivity in both logistics and transportation departments, while at the same time delivering goods on time and at a competitive price.


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