4 Features Your Future Cloud Based CRM Software Must Have

With so many cloud based CRM software tools available on the market, anyone can get lost. Before investing your cash, you have to roll up your sleeves and test a bunch of them. The problem is to decide which ones are worth your time.


A quick fix for this problem would be knowing which features a CRM software must have to be worth testing. This is why we will present you these 4 features to look for before you decide to invest your time and money into CRM software.

Advanced Customer Record

All cloud based CRM software tools have a customer record, a feature that allows you to track, record, and store all kinds of information on your customers. But not all of them offer you a 360-degree view on your customers, nor do they come with the searchability function to help you find customers instantly by typing in a bit of information.


This is why you should look for advanced functions hidden behind the Customer Record feature. The most advanced cloud based CRM software solutions will enable you to enrich your customer record by getting information from other sources as well. You will also be able to store previous interactions with your customers and complete your customer behaviour history.

Managing Business Processes

This feature will enable you to take full control of all the processes related to your CRM efforts. Even the ones that are handled by several departments at the same time. BPM enabled CRM platforms are designed to enable businesses to become more competitive by allowing managers to fine tune and optimize processes for better efficiency and productivity.


If you decide to go for a CRM platform that comes with this feature, make sure to check out how easy it is to use, whether it comes with a number of prebuilt processes, and whether it come with a drag and drop business process editor.

Notification System

Using a software platform to handle time sensitive data without any kind of notification system is a recipe for disaster. In order to be able to get the most of your CRM, it has to come with a built-in notification center. Thanks to this feature, all the important updates, emails, phone calls, changes made to projects, etc – everything will be distributed to employees who need to be informed. With a notifications system, your departments will always be on top of their game.

A Dedicated Mobile App

Although the cloud promises a good deal of team mobility, a dedicated mobile app is a bonus that can enable your teams to become truly mobile. Find a vendor that has dedicated CRM app for both iOS and Android devices.


Knowing these features will help to identify the best CRM platform that both matches your business needs and has the potential to sustain and improve your CRM operations.


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