Business Process Management


The main task of every executive is to set organizational goals for the team and monitor the execution of every process. The use of special software increases the overall productivity for the company.

The definition of BPM

To manage your business effectively, you need to ensure the productivity of each team member and the most important – your own productivity. In order to achieve maximum productivity for the team, key processes require planning, monitoring and analyzing. This task is very complicated if you do not use the special tools like BPM software, which can make your work much easier and help you to improve your results.

When the business grows, we can lose the sight of where we are moving and some business processes can become chaotic. This can lead us to extra operational costs and might slow down the company’s business activity. If you have noticed a downturn in your incomes, you need to know exactly what is the problem and what is that you are doing wrong.. Only when you have detected the cause, you can search for a solution.

BPM or is a concept of the company’s management. Business processes are considered as important assets of the enterprise. The main principles are the clarity and visibility of business processes that can be achieved by using business modeling. BPM is a set of management tools, which help to continuously improve processes and achieve organizational objectives through a number of methodologies and techniques. In general, BPM is about changing your business for the better and such BPM software as BPM’online allows you to achieve visible business transformations. For more information visit .

Life cycle of a Business Process

A business process is a systematic series of actions directed to achieve an organizational goal. All processes require some different kinds of actions, like sending emails, making phone calls, setting up meetings etc. The processes can be simple or complex, and this depends on the number of steps and the number of participants involved.

Usually, not everything goes smoothly in business and very often, there are exceptional cases appearing at some moments, which must be handled. A process can be rather short or long running. A short process could take several minutes and doesn’t require planning. Long-running processes can take weeks and even months, this is why long-running processes require scrupulous planning and accurate calculations. Let’s say that you are in charge of a huge enterprise that produces goods and you are launching a new line of products. The company has invested in this product millions of dollars. Downtime will cost you thousands of dollars daily. However, if you are using a BPM system like BPM’online you will not experience any problems with planning, managing and analyzing the whole process. In other words, not using a BPM system is a deliberate sabotage.

Almost every business is built mostly on long-term processes. In Business Process Management, every long-running process is divided into short steps that make a life cycle of a business process. You should determine deadlines for each step and put someone responsible for each of them.

The first step is about designing the business process. You need to design standard procedures, think of every step of the process and try to create a clear vision of the process. In other words, you need to prepare the theoretical part.

The second step is modelling. By analyzing the theoretical part, you try to make the same process much more efficient and reduce costs. The goal here is to think of a way to achieve the same result with reduced costs. It is like a stress-test for your design. Your plan has to be flexible enough to achieve the organizational goal no matter what.

The third step is execution. This is where your theoretical plan comes to action. You need to ensure that everything goes the way as it was planned out.

Monitoring the process is one of the most important parts of the process life cycle. You need to immediately react to changes in order to ensure the correct execution of the process and handle exceptions.

The next step is analysis. This is when you need to take a close look at your statistical data, detect the bottlenecks and find out how to optimize them. The goal here is to find the weak parts of the plan and improve them. You need to answer the question, “How to achieve the same result faster and cheaper?”

Business Process Management

BPM gives you a clear answer to questions like:

  • What work has to be done?
  • When it has to be done?
  • Where is has to be done?
  • How it has to be done?
  • Who is responsible for it?

Those are the main questions a good executive should ask himself when planning a new business process. Using BPM gives you a huge advantage. This concept can help you improve both speed and quality of your business processes, as well as make them flexible. This methodology is focused on making business processes more efficient.

BPM software solutions

Today, the competition on the market is especially tough. So in order to remain competitive, you need to be highly productive. Software solution can increase your productivity and save you a lot of time. Business process software solution is considered as the best investment in your business nowadays.

You may have large production capacity and a vast potential, however, without a proper management all of this will become useless. As we defined earlier, the functioning of your enterprise consists of an endless sequence of business processes. And the proper functioning of your enterprise always requires optimization. There is no perfect business process so there is always place for improvement.

Business process management system is the key to success. BPM software like BPM’online  shortens the time required for managing multiple complicated processes simultaneously. When you have all the data in front of you, planning and analyzing becomes much easier. BPM’online has many useful built-in functions, such as:

  • Design
  • Modeling
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis
  • Optimization
  • CRM functionality

BPM’online has powerful tools for visualizing and designing models of the key business processes. You can have the whole business life cycle in front of you. Without a business process management platform, the management of a huge enterprise becomes a nearly impossible task. Of course, people somehow managed large companies before, when there were no computers, but their productivity was not even nearly as high as the modern enterprises show to us nowadays.

Business Process Management software

Business process management software enforces the way existing policy or process is actually performed. BPM software solutions like BPM’online can help you visually depict the flow of work and information. You can store policy documents and instructions. This way your employees will always have access to this information, which saves both your and their time. You won’t have to waste your time explaining the same things again and again. If instructions are written the right way, logically correct and simple – even a non-qualified employee can do the job efficiently.


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