Customer Service – Your Key To Success

Customer Service

It is a real challenge for small companies to take on big, prosperous businesses. The easiest way to make a mash on well entrenched competitors is to reap the benefits of CRM platforms. The latter offer salespeople a wide range of tools for managing customers’ requests and obtaining new buyers. For example, bpm’online is an automation software that can help every small company look like the biggest fish in the pond. The indispensable part of this platform is the functional and easy-to-operate customer service. You can read about this software and the way it works here – .

Customer Service

How to Succeed with the Use of CRM Platforms

Be quick on the trigger. It is very important for small companies to regard responding to consumers as of paramount importance. If you want to earn buyers’ trust, always respond to their requests and comments. For this purpose, you can use emails, phone, chat, as well as social networks. No matter which channel you will choose – in any case, you should be honest and responsible.

Be quick. Take into account that your answers to the clients’ requests not only must be thoughtful and well considered, but also executive. If you want to grow into a big and successful business, you should be ready to use the so-called ‘blowfish effect’, in order to outmaneuver bigger rivals. In most cases, the latter are hamstrung, as they do not always apply to effective.

Work with clients on a case-by-case basis. Try to automate all the regular tasks and operations so that your agents could set aside some time for communicating with customers. Let the members of your team send personalized messages to the excising and possible patrons. This approach will build loyalty and strengthen your brand identity.

Be online as long as possible. Specialists note that the first impression of a website is very important for consumers: in most cases, they will never make an order, if the site seems unattractive to them. Moreover, at least 90% of customers will look for the necessary information right on your website, and only then reach out to the customer service.

Derive benefit from social networking. Here is another portion of stats: more than 75% of buyers prefer interacting through social media. These are the places where they meet with their relatives, friends and loved ones. This is why their favorite brands should be here, too. By the way, social media is a perfect platform for outmaneuvering: here no one can detect, whether your customer support team includes a couple or a hundred of members.

Customer Service bpmonline

Technology Alone is not enough for Good Customer Service

It may seem strange, but many companies count on technology to tell them everything about their clients. They are sure that reliable and functional software can work wonders. This is true to a certain degree, but still businesses should not reckon with certainty on technology only. They must understand that the human touch is still very important, and in some cases it is the only way to keep buyers happy and increase the volume of business.

If the databases and technology are a company’s primary tools, then its major weapon is respect for its customers. There are many examples of successful businesses, which do not use any technology at all. They do their best to kindle consumers’ interest, develop friendly relationships with them and save them from possible disappointment. In most cases these are cab-drivers, libraries, one-person companies, little shops, and cafes. The representatives of such businesses manage to find a way to dazzle and please their buyers, therefore they simply do not need to worry about technology.

Nevertheless, you should not ignore CRM software and the benefits it offers. Use them and obtain maximum efficiency from them. But do not forget that customer service is about communicating with people. We buy what we like from the people we like.

Great Client Service: What Is It Like?

Specialists believe that a great service experience is constituted from a number of major elements. Like small pieces of a jigsaw, they help you assemble a clear picture of your business. Let us define the most substantial of them:

  1. Be sincere with your clients. Listen to what they say, be honestly interested in their happiness and never forget how important each of them is for your company.
  2. Look at the way your customer service team works. Its every operation should be systematized and monitored.
  3. Try to understand what motivates your employees, what makes them happy and when they feel inspired. This is the best way to become a perfect leader for them – and they’ll do their best to please you.


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