Marketing Automation Software For Smooth Business

Marketing automation

The smart IT-solution can streamline, automate and evaluate business processes and workflows with the aim of increasing operational effectiveness and growing revenue. This system is called marketing automation software.

Marketing automation tools are used by businesses of all sizes and types in many marketing operations such as B2B and B2C organizations. Possibilities of marketing automation software are truly impressive:

  • Leads generation, nurturingand scoring;
  • Clients data base segmentation;
  • Customer lifecycle maintenance;
  • Improved cross and up-sell;
  • Customers acquisition and retention;
  • ROI and KPI estimation.

Marketing automation software

With an ever-rising number of communication channels salespeople have to manage a great volume of information about their clients in order to provide them regularly with best services or products. This leads to more complex and complicated business processes. To handle all business tasks reps need marketing automation software which entails three essential modules:

  • A generalized marketing database is the place where all your marketing data is stored such as detailed prospects, interactions with clients and partners, insights on their behavior. Marketing automation softwareenables the managers to segment customers and target right customers with the right messages. In other words, marketing automation programs record all marketing information of your company.
  • A powerful marketing engine. For example, the bpm’online CRM products provide a highly technological environment which create, automate and control all the business workflows and conversations through online and offline channels.
  • These embedded tools test, evaluate and improve marketing ROI and KPI. Such insights are necessary to understand what factors influence revenue, which promotional campaigns work and which – fail, who from your reps is the most productive, what products/services are appealing to your customers. Put it simply, the best marketing automation software generates dozens of reports for both managers and executives.

Who can benefit from Marketing Automation Software?

It is a mistake to think that marketing automation software is good for large enterprises only. The bpm’online marketing automation platform is essential for small, mid-sized businesses and even startups. Now companies across all industries (manufacturing, high-tech, healthcare, financial institutions, media, entertainment) adopt this IT-solution for its real-time, client-oriented approach to keep and expand clients relationships going through the complete customer lifecycle.

Why are marketing automation solutions so prioritized? These centralized platforms help companies reduce costs and save time and resources which an organization spends with the third parties to develop and accomplish marketing projects. This results in improved marketing ROI.

Marketing automation tools encompass promotional campaigns through all communication channels: emails, phone calls, social networks, mobile applications or a website of a company. That is why marketing automation can be used for exceptional (targeted) marketing which will be based on communication preferences of your customers.

What are the Functions of Marketing Automation Software?

The advanced marketing automation solution provides the following features and functions.

Email marketing. Marketing automation has tools to send newsletters, campaign follow-ups and notifications to target audience and individual customers. Also, the platform can develop personalized email campaigns based on the client database segmentation. Installed editors and templates help emails look fabulous on any gadget.

Landing pages. Marketing automation software is the all-in-one platform which manage everything, including landing pages creation. The bpm’online program provides tools, aiding your company to write blogs, create unique content for your website and leverage social media.

Campaign management. This function enables your reps to handle and evaluate elements and individual components of marketing campaigns. The solution provides user-friendly dashboards, depicting valuable information and key outcomes of different marketing activities. This allows business owners to see how profitable each component of a campaign is.

Sales forecast.  The feature delivers a comprehensive view of your entire sales pipeline by accounting the number of closed deals. So you are able to see top performers, in a customer journey (at what stage of a deal and why clients are lost) and the volume of sales breakdown by reps, teams, territories and so on.

Lead management. Marketing automation software involves tool to track and manage potential clients. Employing marketing tactics the solution generates customer interest and inquiries into your products/services in order to make perspective clients respond. The platform sorts and disperses leads among the managers according to their likelihood of becoming loyal clients, performs leads nurturing and develops strategies on moving a customer down the sales pipeline.

Customer relationships management. Embedded CRM is an essential feature of marketing automation platform. This function is to encompass and manage interactions with existing and perspective clients. The application records and analyzes all the information about your customers and partners: names, addresses, entire history of communication and transactions. The integration with the social media outlets allows to collect information on what customers say about your company. The obtained data is used to improve your services and products and increase clients’ satisfaction.

Social marketing.  Marketing automation platform entails tools which connect your company to various social networks in order to manage and analyze customer behavior. Integrated polls, sweepstakes and referral programs help your organization get new clients and engage current ones. This feature is to provide your reps with a better understanding of who your clients are, what they expect from you and the reasons of their disappointments, if any.


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